‘One of the best’… Phil Foden says he actually used to closely study player Man City let go in 2020


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Published on 2024-02-01 13:00:00

Phil Foden has recently confessed that he used to closely study his then-teammate David Silva’s playing style during their time together at Manchester City.

Foden’s admiration for Silva’s game has been evident, as he has often been compared to the Spanish midfield maestro due to their similar playing styles.

This season, Foden, who is now 23 years old, has been playing in Silva’s former position as a left-sided midfielder for City, displaying his versatility by contributing in both advanced and deeper areas of the pitch.

Foden revealed that he observed Silva’s style of play both on and off the field, emphasizing his focus on learning and emulating the World Cup winner’s technique.

“Even when David was here and I was training and playing alongside him, I studied what he was doing and watched what he did and how he did it,” said Foden in the February edition of Manchester City’s digital magazine.

Foden acknowledges Silva’s exceptional ability to unlock low block defenses and make precise passes, attributing his own development in the central midfield role to the valuable opportunities he has had.

He expresses a desire to continue learning and improving in this role, underscoring his belief in his potential to excel.

Silva’s impact on the field, regardless of his positioning, demonstrates his prowess and adaptability, qualities that Foden looks to emulate as he continues to develop.

As peers and fans draw comparisons between the two players, Foden recognizes Silva as a role model and an example to study and emulate. He aims to follow in Silva’s footsteps as a formidable midfielder and contribute to Manchester City’s success.

In conclusion, Phil Foden’s admiration for David Silva is evident as he continues to study and learn from the retired Manchester City legend. Foden recognizes the similarities in their playing styles and is committed to following Silva’s example as he carves out his own path as an influential midfielder for the club.

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