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An independent Manchester City news channel dedicated to providing comprehensive news and fans reactions

Man City Fans is out to cover our great Club Manchester City and delivering engaging content to fans around the world.

We believes everyone is a fan of something. That is why we’ve collected the most passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated editorial voices to lead our sites. Our thought-leading content creators belong to the fandoms they cover, giving our sites the best team-specific, Manchester City-specific and fanbase-specific coverage possible.

Authenticity and honesty are important to us. We like to be transparent in how we are run and welcome any questions. City Watch has costs and takes a great deal of time to run, so you may find ads, promos or collaborations. These are necessities, not what motivates us. Our love for Manchester City is what drives us to do what we do.

Man City FC Fans will explode in popularity where people are using technology to connect, making it easy for City fans to digest the content they want, when they want it across all of their favorite verticals.

Man City FC Fans is in no way affiliated with Manchester City FC. we’re just getting started

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