‘Saddest exclusion ever’, ‘Brutal but was 100% the right decision’ – Man City fans react as Joe Hart reveals conversation with Guardiola that ended his career at the Etihad

‘Saddest exclusion ever’, ‘Brutal but was 100% the right decision’ – Man City fans react as Joe Hart reveals conversation with Guardiola that ended his career at the Etihad

Joe Hart has revealed the painful details of his conversation with Pep Guardiola in China before he was eventually shown the door at Manchester City.

Hart’s City career was ended when Guardiola joined the club in the summer of 2016, with the Catalan prioritising a goalkeeper more comfortable with the ball at his feet.

Guardiola signed Claudio Bravo to initially replace Hart, before bringing in current No. 1 Ederson in the summer of 2017.

The former England No. 1 has opened up on the discussion, revealing that he ‘wasn’t what Guardiola wanted in a goalkeeper’.

“I just felt it coming, the Euros (in 2016) didn’t go great for me, I had a very poor Euros that year,” the former Manchester City shotstopper said in the latest episode of the In The Stiffs podcast.

“I got myself back in as soon as I could and I knew I was going to put in on his toes as to what was going on.”

“It was in China, I flew out early. I wanted to get in the door and have this conversation. He was very knowledgeable on my background, very knowledgeable on what we did, how I played football.

“It was a two-hour conversation that kind of ended with him saying, ‘I can’t see this working’. I thought that might be the idea. ‘I don’t agree with you,’ he said. ‘I’ll be the first person to be proved wrong but what I see in you isn’t what I want from my goalkeeper.’

“I was like, ‘It’s all very well saying that, but I’ve never been asked to do the kind of things I know you like goalkeepers to do, so I think it’s only fair I be given the opportunity.’

“He said, ‘Of course, you’ll be given the opportunity but,’ as soon as there are any ‘buts’ at the end, you know there’s a decision.”

These Hart’s comments were shared on Twitter by City Xtra and it attracted plenty of attention from the club’s supporters.

“I was fuming at the time, loved Joe and didn’t agree with what Pep was doing… but looking back now it was the right thing to do, Joe is a city legend, but Eddy fits the bill… Pep had bottle and it paid off..”
Credit: @Hedghog111

“Joe Hart is an incredibly honest, level-headed and a nice bloke. He always saw the big picture and moved on with his head held high. That’s why I will love him always. He is the only unhappiness Guardiola gave me so far. But I understood tough decisions are not easy..”
Credit: @oddity1912

“Love Joe Hart, hated seeing him go the way he did but there is no better keeper out there for the way we play than Ederson right now. Right decision was made in the long run..”
Credit: @TheDaveCalaz

“Joe Hart was great for City but it was never gonna work for him under Pep. I’m glad Joey looks to have got his career back on track & thankful for everything he did while at City but Pep made the right decision.”
Credit: @Bluemoonforeve2

“As much as I love Joe, it was 100% the right decision from Pep and I’m glad he made it.”
Credit: @EklavyaChawla16

“He’s happy and smashing it at Celtic right now so was probably best for both parties at the time.”
Credit: @philipfoden

“Seems outrageous at the time but of course it was the correct decision looking back, although Joe Hart was still absolutely unbelievable for us.”
Credit: @thomas

“The saddest exclusion ever for me, loved him so much, the youtube vid of Pep shaking his head while talking to Hart is just painful.”
Credit: @winayak_kumar

“Hart might have been better than bravo but Hart’s time was up regardless. If pep kept faith in Joe we properly would never have seen Ederson in a city kit, and his signing changed the whole game with respect to GKs in England even the national team.”
Credit: @manofcity

“Brutal stuff, but it’s true though. What Pep wants in a keeper is what Ederson does with his feet every game. No way Joe Hart would have been able to do that without a mistake or 2 each game, considering the number of passes City ping to the keeper each game…”
Credit: @gunsbugsnpower

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