Ben Foster says Man City have a ‘fantastic’ youngster out on loan who Pep Guardiola will be watching

Ben Foster says Man City have a ‘fantastic’ youngster out on loan who Pep Guardiola will be watching

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Published on 2024-04-15 13:30:00

Ben Foster praises Manchester City’s young talent, particularly highlighting Tommy Doyle and Callum Doyle on loan at Wolves and Leicester City respectively. Tommy Doyle is reported to be signed by Wolves at the end of the season for £4.3 million, showcasing his impressive skills as a central midfielder. Callum Doyle, on the other hand, has recovered from a knee injury and has been performing well for Leicester, drawing interest from the club for a permanent transfer. Additionally, Ben Foster also commends James McAtee for his impressive performances at Sheffield United, suggesting that Pep Guardiola may consider him for a future role at Manchester City.

James McAtee, dubbed the “Salford Silva,” has been lauded for his responsibility and leadership at Sheffield United while on loan. Despite his commendable performances, it raises doubts whether he would choose to stay at Manchester City next season, considering competition from other midfielders. With players like De Bruyne, Foden, and potentially Paqueta as competition, McAtee may consider his options for guaranteed playing time in the Premier League. Given his young age and the potential for suitors lining up for his signature, McAtee may eventually bid farewell to his boyhood club in pursuit of more opportunities elsewhere.

Overall, Ben Foster’s observations shed light on the promising young talents from Manchester City currently on loan at various clubs. The success and potential of players like Tommy Doyle, Callum Doyle, and James McAtee indicate the depth of talent within the club’s youth ranks. While these players are thriving on loan, their future at Manchester City and in the Premier League remains uncertain, with considerations for competition and opportunities influencing their decisions for the upcoming seasons.

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