Man City could now be relegated ‘just like Rangers’ in huge update

Man City could now be relegated ‘just like Rangers’ in huge update

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Published on 2024-02-09 06:59:00

Former Everton chief Keith Wyness has cast doubt on the future of Manchester City in the Premier League, suggesting that relegation should be a consideration if the club’s alleged financial breaches are proven true. Speaking on the Football Insider’s Inside Track podcast, Wyness cited the example of Rangers, who were dropped into the fourth tier of Scottish football in 2012 after liquidation, as a potential consequence for such breaches.

A year ago, Manchester City was charged by the Premier League with 115 financial breaches spanning nine seasons, but their case is yet to be heard by an independent commission. Premier League chief executive Richard Masters confirmed that a date has been set for the charges to be heard, but it has not been made public.

City has denied any wrongdoing, with the investigation against them starting in 2018. However, Everton has already had their breach of Profitability and Sustainability Rules ruled upon by an independent commission this season, resulting in a historic 10-point deduction.

Wyness expressed his concern about the seriousness of the charges, indicating that if proven egregious as they have been claimed to be, relegation should be on the table. He emphasized that the Premier League should have drafted in additional legal resources to handle the case earlier.

He also drew parallels with the case of Rangers in Scotland, suggesting that it wouldn’t be the first time a club faced such consequences for financial breaches.

The content warns that a similar fate could await Manchester City if the charges against them are proven. Additionally, it discloses an update on the situation with Manchester City related to Erling Haaland and provides avenues for fans to follow exclusive news on the club.

In conclusion, the content raises serious implications for Manchester City if their financial breaches are proven, highlighting potential parallels with previous cases in other leagues. It also provides updates on related news about the club and offers options for fans to stay informed.

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