Man City fan apologises for ‘moronic’ and ‘poisonous’ Hillsborough chants at 1-0 loss against Liverpool


A Manchester City fan has reached out to a Hillsborough support group, following reports of ‘vile’ chants during the 1-0 loss to Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday.

City fans reportedly chanted ‘murderers,’ in relation to the 39 people who died at Heysel in 1985 and the 97 who died as a result of the chaos at the FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield in 1989.

Although Manchester City are yet to release an official statement, a fan of the club reached out to Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance to express apologies.

In an email, the fan said other City supporters agreed with his sentiments and that Hillsborough ‘sits heavily in his heart’.

The full email reads:


“As a life-long Manchester City supporter, please can I take this moment to express my sincere apologies for the disgusting, vile behaviour of some of our fans on Sunday.

“My friends and colleagues who are also City supporters agree 100% with my sentiments – there should never ever be room for such moronic, cowardly and poisonous conduct and I, for one, would be first to endorse a life-long ban on the perpetrators.

“The tragedy of Hillsborough still sits heavily in my heart – because, even as a Mancunian, I walked the streets of Liverpool that evening witnessing the awful silent return of Liverpool (and fair play, Everton) fans returning from the semi finals.

“That shocking event could have happened to any club and to any group of supporters. Please – if you are able – convey the sentiments of myself, my City-supporting colleagues and – I sincerely hope – the vast majority of decent, honest City fans everywhere when we pass on our deepest apologies.

“Football rivalry is fine … but there are times when the greater family of true football fans should unite … and never walk alone. I am not expecting a response – nor should anyone feel an obligation to respond – but if a response is deemed appropriate, please use the email rather than phone contact. Thank you.

Hillsborough Survivors Support Alliance shared the email on Twitter and said that it has ‘helped restore some faith.’

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