‘Spitting fact there’, ‘hope Raheem is listening’ – Man City fans react as Pep Guardiola defends Club’s decision to sell Sterling

‘Spitting fact there’, ‘hope Raheem is listening’ – Man City fans react as Pep Guardiola defends Club’s decision to sell Sterling

A number of Manchester City fans were in hysterics at Pep Guardiola’s comments, as the manager defended the club’s decision to sell Raheem Sterling after the winger admitted that he was “raging” at the manner of his exit as he joined Chelsea.

Pep Guardiola’s side allowed Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus join rivals Chelsea and Arsenal, respectively, this summer while Ferran Torres join Barcelona midway through the last season.

Although there was no bad blood between the player, Pep Guardiola or the club – Raheem Sterling admitted his frustration at how the situation that led to his departure developed.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Sterling said: “Everyone wants to feel wanted, football is no different. When you play your heart out, sacrifice some of your kids’ birthdays, and then get treated in a certain way, it’s disappointing.

“At the time I was fuming, raging, but it’s gone, it’s in the past and I can only focus on the present.

After these comments came to light, Guardiola was asked about the departures this transfer window as the City manager shared his thoughts on keeping unhappy players at the club.

Speaking during an interview with Sky Sports (h/t Football Daily), the Manchester City boss said: “If you force someone to stay when he doesn’t want to stay, then how will you get the best of him?”

This is not the first time that Guardiola has said something similar. The former Barcelona head coach has previously admitted that he would be happy to grant an exit to a player if he asks to leave as long as the club receive a satisfactory offer.

These Guardiola’s comments were shared on Twitter by City Xtra and it attracted plenty of attention from the club’s supporters.

“Spitting fact there Pep”
Credit: @El_Albicelestes

“If anyone wants to leave the door is open!”
Credit: @UthmanYau7

“True. If the player does not want to stay we can’t force him to stay.”

“I hope Raheem is listening”
Credit: @ftbIJoel

“Something definitely happened with him and sterling I’m 100% sure.”
Credit: @DZahmed__

“Extremely disappointed in Sterling’s comments about his time at Man City. Competition here is as high as it can be. To play consistently, you need to turn up consistently”
Credit: @excessbwouy9

“Completely agree. It’s impossible to get the best out of a player who wants to leave. I don’t want to see it as a fan. If you think about the future of the club normally, I think you should naturally settle on this decision.”
Credit: @Sword_4k

“Guardiola is class above everyone no one can reach his level. The way he manages and bring best out of his players is mind-blowing.”
Credit: @Legendkiller189

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