‘How can you hate him’, ‘Txiki we owe you an apology’ – Man City fans react as club’s director makes Barca & PSG claims as they discuss on player salaries and contract decisions


Manchester City have released a conversation between the club’s director, Txiki Begiristain and chief football operations officer, Omar Berrada last season.

The latest episode of Manchester City’s behind-the-scenes documentary gives an incredible insight into the club’s decision-making on player contract renewals and salary decisions.

In the fourth episode of City’s ‘Together: Champions Again’ series, documenting the club’s title-winning campaign of 2021/22, City sporting director, Txiki Begiristain, and chief football operations officer, Omar Berrada, are filmed discussing the state of the club’s squad compared to rivals around Europe.

After discussing the work City have done in the months before to renew the contracts of key players and young talents before they enter the final year of their deals, the conversation moves on to salaries.

Berrada says: “We’re high up but in the end we’re sitting fourth in Europe. So above us are United; Barca which, well they’re now cleaning house and lowering [salaries] a little bit; PSG have gone up due to the signing of Messi. Of course, Messi, Neymar, Mbappe, Sergio Ramos, Wijnaldum.

“And the other thing I would mention is that, in the end, what we need to look at is how much this represents versus the revenues. And we’ve always maintained ourselves at 60-61 per cent. Which in the end is what the industry requires in order to be a sustainable club, 55-65 per cent. And we’ve kept ourselves between these levels.”

Begiristain then interjects, claiming that City and Tottenham are the only clubs to remain ‘sustainable’ in relation to salaries, before comparing the expenditure on players to success on the pitch – saying United and Barcelona don’t justify their spending.

“And now you mention 65 per cent,” he says. “There’s only one club that is currently meeting these [standards] and this is Tottenham, and us, isn’t it?

“We’re like all the others, and in the end what we keep doing is winning. Manchester United don’t do it, Barca don’t do it, PSG – obviously they are doing it and will keep doing it; Chelsea.”

Berrada replies: “And we know that when you win you have the pressure from players and agents where they’re always asking for more salary. And you need to resist, right? To maintain the balance of keeping players because of their on-pitch performance, but at the same time we also need to maintain a structure and stability.”

These Txiki and Berrada’s comments were shared on Twitter by City Xtra and it attracted plenty of attention from the club’s supporters.

“My director masterclass”
Credit: @KevinDeFab

“How can you hate him”
Credit: @mcfcShezza

“Txiki we owe you an apology”
Credit: @eppajo_mcfc

“This is the truth and eventually you have to give the club the credit whether you love or hate it.”
Credit: @DHS_1994

“Txiki rejected a barca transfer for the first time in history and turned himself into a villain.”
Credit: @ewan10i

“We’re the best run club in world football. Teams like United have to throw 370k per week at people, we sell ourselves. The future is ours. We’re inevitable 💙”
Credit: @EnigmaMCFC

“Mark my words, football groups will be the next big thing in the game. It’s leaving money on the table not to have one. Ironically the idea was thought up by a Barcelona employee. He left when they wouldn’t do it and joined City.”
Credit: @mcfcsaltmine

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