Alan Shearer left ‘amazed’ by what he’s heard about two Man City players recently 

Alan Shearer left ‘amazed’ by what he’s heard about two Man City players recently 

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Published on 2024-04-19 16:00:00

Alan Shearer was surprised to hear that Manchester City players Kevin De Bruyne and Erling Haaland had asked to be subbed off due to tiredness after 90 minutes in a recent Champions League game against Real Madrid. Despite Shearer’s doubts, it was revealed that both players played a high-energy game, with City making 698 passes and 26 shots at goal in the first 90 minutes. Given the intensity of the match, it seems understandable that De Bruyne and Haaland may have been unable to continue playing at the same level.

Guardiola made the decision to substitute Haaland and De Bruyne in the later stages of the game to avoid risking injury to the players. Considering their performance earlier in the match and their willingness to contribute, it may have been irresponsible to keep them on if they felt they could not give their best. While Shearer questioned the players’ request to be subbed off, it seems reasonable in the context of the game’s intensity and the players’ overall contribution to the team.

In the end, despite Shearer’s doubts, the decision to sub off De Bruyne and Haaland appears to have been a strategic move by Guardiola to protect his players and give them a chance to recover for future games. The high-energy nature of the match and the players’ previous efforts suggest that their request to come off may have been valid in order to avoid potential injuries and maintain their performance levels in the long run.

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