‘I like it’… Pep Guardiola says he is actually happy £54m Man City star was so angry with him vs Liverpool


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Published on 2024-03-11 06:30:00

Pep Guardiola has disclosed that he welcomed Kevin De Bruyne’s dissatisfaction with him after Manchester City’s draw with Liverpool. Gary Neville noted that the midfielder expressed his frustration with the manager for substituting him 24 minutes into the second half at Anfield. Guardiola’s decision to substitute De Bruyne seemed to prioritize control in the midfield, as City was losing possession and allowing Liverpool to exploit them in transition.

Mateo Kovacic replaced De Bruyne and helped City gain more control in the game, preventing Liverpool from dominating further. Guardiola expressed his satisfaction with De Bruyne’s reaction, stating that he likes it when players show emotion. The manager explained that he made the decision to substitute De Bruyne because the team needed better ball retention, and the change helped them improve.

Despite De Bruyne’s anger towards Guardiola, it could serve as motivation for the player to perform better in future games against Newcastle United and Arsenal. If De Bruyne channels his frustration positively, it could benefit City in their pursuit of success in various competitions. Guardiola sees this incident as an opportunity for De Bruyne to use his emotions to drive the team forward.

In the end, Guardiola’s decision to substitute De Bruyne may have sparked a fire within the player, leading to improved performances in upcoming matches. The tension between player and manager could result in a positive outcome for Manchester City as they aim for success in the league and cup competitions.

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