Rio Ferdinand says Man City just won’t win as many trophies without two players


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Published on 2024-02-13 17:00:00

Rio Ferdinand has expressed his belief that Manchester City will not have the same level of success without Rodri and Erling Haaland. The duo played crucial roles in City’s historic treble-winning season last year. Haaland scored an exceptional number of goals, while Rodri was the linchpin of the team in midfield.

Ferdinand’s comments come at a time when the Sky Blues are once again vying for silverware. He argues that City may struggle to achieve the same level of success without these two key players. He pointed out that Rodri has been one of the best players in his position in the world, while Haaland has been a prolific goal scorer.

Ferdinand highlighted the importance of these players by stating, “It’s only really Rodri that you take out of that squad and probably now [Erling] Haaland maybe. If they take them two out, they might not win things, as many things. They’ll still win but they won’t be as dominant, I don’t think. Rodri, especially”.

He also suggested that Kevin De Bruyne, who is considered one of City’s best players, may not be as impactful as Rodri and Haaland. This indicates the high regard in which Ferdinand holds these two players.

The former Manchester United defender’s assessment of City’s future success depends on whether he is referring to their current campaign or future seasons. The absence of Rodri could have a significant impact on City’s title challenge and their hopes of winning the Champions League and FA Cup in the current season. However, in the future, City may have an alternative to Rodri to maintain their dominance.

As for Haaland, City have a potential replacement, Julian Alvarez, but it would require significant development for him to match Haaland’s level. However, City has also shown a willingness to adapt their playing style, utilizing a false nine or playing Phil Foden as a makeshift striker.

Ferdinand’s observations highlight the importance of key players and the potential impact their absence could have on a team’s success. City will undoubtedly need to consider these factors as they strive for continued success in future seasons.

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