Michail Antonio now gives honest verdict about Kalvin Phillips’ nightmare start to life at West Ham


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Published on 2024-02-22 12:30:00

Michail Antonio has weighed in on Kalvin Phillips’ rocky start at West Ham United on loan. Recently, Luton Town captain Tom Lockyer voiced his support for Phillips’ decision to temporarily leave Manchester City. However, Graeme Souness expressed doubts about Phillips’ Premier League qualifications following his lackluster performance at West Ham.

Craig Burley criticized Phillips’ initial move to Manchester City, calling it a “disaster”, which he believes has impacted his poor form at West Ham. It appears that Phillips is struggling to find his footing since joining the Hammers, with frequent errors and negative attention.

Amid the criticism, Michail Antonio offered his support for Kalvin Phillips on BBC Sounds’ The Footballers’ Football Podcast. He acknowledged that players, like Phillips, may make mistakes and experience rustiness after being sidelined for a long period. Antonio emphasized the need to help Phillips overcome his initial struggles to showcase his true potential.

Antonio’s assessment of the situation aligns with the challenges Phillips is facing. Adapting to regular football at West Ham after a lengthy period of inactivity at Manchester City is undoubtedly difficult, particularly in a competitive league like the Premier League. The league’s pace, strength, and strategic complexity require Phillips to readjust his game and perform at a high level again.

Despite Phillips’ disappointing start, the support from his West Ham teammates, including Antonio, can potentially lead to an improvement in his performances. It is essential for Phillips to receive continuous support as he works on overcoming his early setbacks and showcasing his quality on the field.

All in all, Antonio’s assessment of Phillips’ situation sheds light on the challenges of transitioning from a spell of inactivity to regular Premier League action. With ongoing support, Phillips may gradually sharpen his form and contribute positively to West Ham’s campaign.

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