‘Always has been a foul’ – Man City fans react as Ex Premier League ref explains why Crystal Palace had a third goal disallowed


Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has cleared up why Crystal Palace had a third goal against Manchester City on Saturday disallowed.

After going 2-0 ahead, the Eagles looked to have stunned the Etihad Stadium further when Jordan Ayew rolled the ball into an empty net. However, referee Darren England chalked the goal off due to Odsonne Edouard’s block on City goalkeeper Ederson.

The Brazilian shot-stopper attempted to roll the ball out to Kevin de Bruyne but the Palace striker would prevent a City counter-attack, diverting the ball into Ayew’s path. It was an incident that divided opinions, with many believing the goal should have stood due to the fact the ball had left Ederson’s hands, including Palace chairman Steve Parish.

However, Gallagher referenced back to a similar incident involving Arsenal legend Thierry Henry that led to a change in the law. Speaking on Sky Sports News ’ Ref Watch, Gallagher said: “The goalkeeper is in this situation almost a protected species. He’s not allowed to be challenged when he is in the process of releasing the ball, i.e. kicking it or bowling it such like.

“[Ederson] is about to release the ball and already [Edouard] is encroaching in his space. The minute he does that he has committed a foul because he can’t do that. He has to allow the goalkeeper to release that ball freely.

“As Ederson goes to bowl the ball, already [Edouard’s] foot is up to block that ball which he can’t do. This goes back to Thierry Henry when he pinches the ball off [Jussi] Jaaskelainen at Bolton, when he was going to kick the ball and he did the same. So the law was changed to allow the goalkeeper that freedom of movement.”

Sky Sports News presenter Rob Wotton asked: “How far away should [Edouard] have been?”

Gallagher continued: “I can’t tell you that. What I can tell you is that [Ederson] has got to be allowed to release that ball. You say it’s left his hand, it might have left his hand but he is still in the process of bowling that ball out and in that process no forward can challenge him.”

This post then gathered a number of replies from a wide range of Man City supporters, who were not shy in sharing their thoughts on the matter.

“Why do the laws get questioned when it’s city?🤔 ”
Credit: @antlini

“Everyone’s finally been told the rules yet everyone in the comments is still whinging over it 😂”
Credit: @Sam_DH_MCFC

“I don’t understand how hard it is for people to understand this… maybe they’ve never played football so have unrealistic standards ”
Credit: @PepDegree

“LMAO I keep seeing CP fans reference a goal that was stolen but I assumed I must have missed it. No way are they trying to change the rules of the game to slow down City 😂”
Credit: @OGHaaland

“The wrong choice? You just said yourself that the law dictates it yet apparently it’s now a choice? Argue about changing the law if you don’t agree with it, but this decision didn’t come down to choice.”
Credit: @JanYoUnchained

“Totally agree a player should be allowed to do what he did but laws of the game say otherwise and no argument. Anyone who debates this on
Sky Sports and BBCMOTD need a new job. ”
Credit: @SheikhZammo

“Well yeah. If you block the keeper and/or intercept it when goalie releasing the ball. It is a foul. Always has been.”
Credit: @StevieNez1

“But Twitter merchants who’ve never played football will say we pay refs”
Credit: @registarodri

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