Trent Alexander-Arnold says Man City can do something that ‘no one can’


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Published on 2024-04-16 17:30:00

Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold has praised Manchester City, stating that they have a unique ability that no other team possesses. Having faced City on multiple occasions, Alexander-Arnold has observed their evolution and style of play over the years. He acknowledges the strengths and weaknesses of City, having been both victorious and dominated by them in past matches. The 25-year-old believes that City’s passing and ability to create chances is unmatched in the Premier League.

Alexander-Arnold points out the contrasting approaches of Liverpool and Manchester City when it comes to attacking. While Liverpool embrace chaos and take risks in their gameplay, City are more methodical and strategic in their approach. City aim to exploit opposition gaps by drawing players out of position, leading to scoring opportunities. This balanced attacking style sets City apart from other teams in Europe, according to Alexander-Arnold.

The English defender emphasizes the importance of Liverpool being “near-perfect” in order to challenge City for the Premier League title. Currently, Liverpool are trailing City by two points in the league table. Alexander-Arnold’s analysis of City’s passing game and strategic approach highlights the challenge that Liverpool faces in overcoming the Sky Blues. His insights into City’s playing style shed light on the competitive dynamics between the two top clubs in English football.

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