Ally McCoist thinks one Man City star has just said something very silly


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Published on 2024-04-11 09:00:00

Ally McCoist has expressed surprise at recent comments made by Manchester City player Rodri, who has admitted feeling tired and in need of rest amidst the team’s quest to repeat their historic three-title win from last season. McCoist believes that sharing such information in the media sends a psychological message to City’s competitors and may give them an advantage on the pitch. Despite Rodri’s significant role in City’s matches this season, McCoist suggests that such statements should be kept within the team rather than shared publicly.

Rodri has been a key player for Manchester City this season, featuring in 41 games across all competitions and completing full 90-minute matches on 31 occasions. Despite his consistent presence in the team and contributions to their success, Rodri’s admission of feeling tired has raised eyebrows among pundits like McCoist. While it is understandable that a player may need rest after a demanding season, McCoist believes that such sentiments should not be openly shared in the media, as it could potentially give City’s opponents a mental edge.

McCoist’s remarks highlight the importance of maintaining a competitive edge in football, especially during crucial stages of the season like City’s current campaign. While it is natural for players to experience fatigue, openly admitting to it in the media could potentially impact the team’s performance and psyche. As City aims to reclaim their three titles, the focus on mental strength and strategic gameplay becomes essential, and Rodri’s comments may serve as a reminder of the psychological aspects of competitive sports.

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