Pundit says Man City have a player who is actually better than Kylian Mbappe right now


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Published on 2024-04-11 15:00:00

Michael Dawson has claimed that Phil Foden, a player for Manchester City, is currently better than Kylian Mbappe. Although Mbappe is highly regarded for his accomplishments, Foden’s form this season has put him in contention as one of the best players in the world. The comparison comes as Paris Saint-Germain, Mbappe’s team, suffered a disappointing loss to Barcelona in the Champions League.

The performance of City players, including Foden, in a recent draw against Real Madrid has further solidified the argument that Foden is superior to Mbappe at the moment. Foden’s contribution to City’s success in the Premier League this season has been praised, leading some to view him as the best player in the world currently. Despite playing in a league that may not be as competitive as the Premier League, Foden’s impact on the team has been undeniable.

At 25 years old, Kylian Mbappe is already considered a legend in the sport, but the recognition of Phil Foden’s talent by Michael Dawson should be a source of pride for the young English player. Foden’s rise to prominence and his ability to compete with established stars like Mbappe is a testament to his skill and potential. The comparison between Foden and Mbappe highlights the evolution of Foden’s career and his status as one of the best players in the world at the moment.

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