Micah Richards says £77m Man City player did something just like Thierry Henry vs Real Madrid


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Published on 2024-04-10 08:00:00

Micah Richards has compared a Manchester City player’s goal against Real Madrid to a strike by Thierry Henry. The City player showcased exceptional technical ability, similar to the legendary Frenchman. The physicality of Real Madrid caused City trouble in possession, but the players regained control in the second half, ultimately leading to a goal by Phil Foden and an impressive finish by Josko Gvardiol.

Gvardiol’s goal demonstrated his technical quality and composure, as he bent the ball into the bottom corner from a distance. Micah Richards pointed out that not many defenders could pull off a strike like Gvardiol did. The Croatian’s performance, especially in a challenging stadium like Santiago Bernabeu, highlights his potential as an exciting prospect for the future. His ability to showcase such skill in a high-pressure Champions League match is commendable.

City’s ability to regain control and showcase their technical prowess in the second half was a testament to their experience in the Champions League. Despite facing physical opposition from Real Madrid, City players like Gvardiol demonstrated their technical ability and composure. Richards’ comparison of Gvardiol’s goal to one by Thierry Henry emphasizes the exceptional skill and potential of the young defender.

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