Manchester City heading towards awkward situation – Need to find a way to dodge the rules


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Published on 2024-04-25 12:16:48

Manchester City and Girona are facing potential complications in their relationship due to UEFA’s rules on multi-club ownership. Girona must meet stringent criteria set out by UEFA to qualify for the Champions League, including not holding securities with any other club in the competition. This could mean significant changes for both clubs in terms of ownership, management, transfers, scouting, and sponsorship.

It is believed that Girona will need to overhaul their relationship with Manchester City in order to comply with UEFA’s regulations. This may involve changes to the club’s board, led by Pere Guardiola, who also has ties to Manchester City through the City Group. There are concerns that violations of UEFA’s rules could result in one of the clubs being refused entry to the competition, with Girona potentially being the lower-ranked team affected.

To avoid any issues with UEFA, both Manchester City and Girona will need to make significant adjustments in the coming months. This could result in a busy summer of restructuring for both clubs as they work towards finding a mutually agreeable solution that allows them to maintain their relationship while adhering to the strict regulations set out by UEFA. Failure to comply could have serious consequences for Girona, who have had a successful season and will be aiming to compete in next year’s Champions League.

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