Man City ‘spaff’ £250m on nine flops; ‘insanely arrogant’ Klopp, Liverpool must ‘look at themselves’


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Published on 2024-04-20 07:24:11

The Mailbox discusses transfer mistakes made by Liverpool and Manchester City, with claims that City has wasted £250m on nine flops. Despite this, the argument is made that injuries impacted some signings, such as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Thiago. The success rate of Liverpool’s transfers under Edwards/Klopp is highlighted, with acknowledgment of their superior recruitment compared to other clubs, except for Manchester City.

Regarding City’s transfer failures, it is suggested that the list of flops may be more extensive than initially thought, including names like Nolito, Danilo, and Ferran Torres. The Jack Grealish transfer is cited as an example of City’s financial advantage in the market. The discussion also touches on Klopp’s premature departure announcement from Liverpool and its impact on the team’s performance.

There are suggestions on how to address the loss of FA Cup replays to benefit lower league clubs. These include giving the power to choose home or away fixtures to the lower division team and dividing gate receipts based on the difference in divisions between teams. The idea of replacing the 4th place Champions League spot with the FA Cup spot is proposed to increase competitiveness in the tournament.

The article also reflects on the decline of optimism in football commentary, with a call for more positivity and appreciation for all teams’ efforts. The enjoyment of Arsenal’s struggles by Spurs fans is questioned, with a comparison to South American football fandom preferences. Overall, the piece encourages a more positive and supportive approach towards all teams in football.

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