Anthony Gordon says one Man City star is actually so hard to play against 


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Published on 2024-04-23 16:30:00

Anthony Gordon, a player for Newcastle United, recently shared his thoughts on facing Manchester City player Kyle Walker on the pitch. Gordon described Walker as a tough opponent, noting his speed and physicality make him a challenging player to come up against. Despite enjoying the competition and playing his best in these games, Gordon acknowledged the amount of running involved in facing Walker.

Gordon has faced Walker five times and has lost all five games, with his team only able to score two goals in those matches. The winger did manage to score against City in one game, highlighting the difficulty of playing against Walker. Other players, including Nathan Redmond, have also pointed out Walker as a tough opponent, with Pep Guardiola praising the right-back’s unique physical qualities that make him a formidable defender.

Overall, Gordon’s comments reflect the recognition among players of Walker’s skills and abilities on the field. Facing Walker means knowing that it will be a challenging match that requires a lot of effort and running to try to overcome the defender. Walker’s speed and physical presence make him a feared figure by attacking players, contributing to the difficulty of playing against him.

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