Pep Guardiola should definitely start £43m Man City player over Mateo Kovacic against Arsenal


Redaction Simon Brett with Srinivas Sadhanand
Published on 2024-03-28 17:00:00

Games are often won and lost in the midfield, making the upcoming match between Manchester City and Arsenal crucial. The midfield battle between the two teams’ strong cohorts could determine the outcome of the game at the Etihad Stadium. Pep Guardiola faces a decision on whether to start Bernardo Silva or Mateo Kovacic alongside Rodri, with many arguing for Kovacic after his standout performance against Newcastle.

Despite Kovacic’s strong showing, starting Bernardo Silva over him in the Arsenal clash is seen as the better choice. Silva’s versatility and tactical flexibility make him a valuable asset in big games. His ability to cover ground, play different positions, and deliver in crucial moments, as seen in past games against top teams, make him a reliable option for Guardiola.

Silva’s track record in big games and his multifaceted skill set make him a preferred choice over Kovacic for the crucial match against Arsenal. His experience in high-pressure situations and ability to adapt tactically give Manchester City an edge in midfield battles. Trusting Silva’s performance history in important games could be key to maintaining Manchester City’s title defense aspirations.

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