Gary Neville says 23-year-old Man City player will feel ‘terrible’ despite win over Man United

Gary Neville says 23-year-old Man City player will feel ‘terrible’ despite win over Man United

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Published on 2024-03-04 10:30:00

The Manchester derby on Sunday saw Manchester City extend their unbeaten run to 19 matches with a 3-1 win over their rivals. Despite the victory, Gary Neville believes that one City player would have felt ‘terrible’ after the game. Marcus Rashford’s early goal gave City a scare, but they fought back with goals from Phil Foden to secure the win.

Neville highlighted Erling Haaland’s missed sitter in the match, suggesting that the player would still feel bad about it. The former footballer discussed the human error in football, drawing parallels between Haaland’s miss and the recent refereeing controversy in the Liverpool-Nottingham Forest game. He emphasized the impact of such mistakes on players, even if they eventually score and their team wins.

While Haaland did redeem himself with a late goal, Neville pointed out that critics might use his missed chances as ammunition against him. Despite scoring consistently against top teams like United, Liverpool, and Chelsea, Haaland has missed crucial opportunities in recent matches against Chelsea and United. The 23-year-old may need to improve on converting these chances, as it could prove costly for City in the future.

Overall, Neville’s analysis sheds light on the pressure and scrutiny that players face in high-stakes games, where missed chances can have significant consequences. Haaland’s ability to score against top opposition is undeniable, but his occasional misses highlight the need for improvement in crucial moments.

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