“He is faster”… Rapid £35m Tottenham player admits he is nowhere near as quick as Man City star


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Published on 2024-02-02 12:00:00

Tottenham’s Micky van de Ven recently confessed that Manchester City’s Kyle Walker is faster than him.

In a recent interview with the Premier League, the 22-year-old Dutch defender acknowledged that Walker, who wears the number 2 jersey for Manchester City, has superior speed compared to him.

Van de Ven is well-known for his quickness on the field, with comparisons being made between his speed and that of Mohamed Salah. However, when asked if he is faster than various Premier League defenders, including Walker, van de Ven had no hesitations in admitting that Walker is one of the fastest in the league. He stated, “He is faster than me. He’s one of the fastest.”

This acknowledgment comes despite van de Ven being recognized as one of the swiftest footballers globally.

An interesting insight into the comparison of their speeds was provided by the Premier League’s official website, which revealed that while Walker has reached a top speed of 35.32 km/h this season, van de Ven, who was signed by Tottenham for £34.5m, recorded a speed of 35.52 km/h.

Although the difference is minimal, it is noteworthy that Walker is 11 years older than van de Ven, making it quite remarkable for a player of his age to reach such impressive speeds.

Looking ahead, it remains to be seen whether Walker will stay at Manchester City beyond 2025 when his contract expires.

If he does depart, his replacement is a prime concern for Manchester City’s sporting director, Txiki Begiristain. Walker’s exceptional recovery pace has allowed City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, to set up a unique game plan, and a similar speedy player must be found if they are to uphold their game plan to achieve success.

In conclusion, van de Ven’s candid admittance highlights the exceptional talent of both players, shedding light on the remarkable speeds that these professional footballers have achieved.

Walker’s future and the impact of his potential departure on Manchester City’s dynamics remain pivotal points of interest for fans and management alike.

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