Girona set for relationship alteration with Manchester City amid potential Champions League future


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Published on 2024-02-06 14:48:18

Manchester City and Girona are both facing potential alterations due to the increasing likelihood of Girona appearing in the Champions League next season. Pep Guardiola and his team are once again in the running for the Premier League title, solidifying their spot in the UEFA Champions League for the following season. Similarly, Girona finds itself in a competitive position in Spain’s La Liga, challenging Real Madrid for the end-of-season trophy.

There are concerns about whether both clubs can compete in the Champions League next season due to their ownership connections through the City Football Group. However, the City Group offices appear to have a strategy in place to ensure that both teams can legally compete in the Champions League without relinquishing ownership shares. According to journalist Alvaro de Grado and Lu Martin, Girona and Manchester City must establish independent internal management for both clubs to comply with competition rules in order to compete in the UEFA Champions League next season.

It is further explained that while City Group would continue to be co-owners of Girona, a different link would need to be formed between the two clubs for a continuation in player transfers. Essentially, Girona and Manchester City would need to restructure their relationship agreement to participate in Europe’s premier club competition next season.

This situation has been highlighted even further with Manchester City officials close to signing Brazilian winger Savio from City Group side Troyes, after his impressive performances on loan at Girona. There is a possibility that Savio could return to Girona on loan next season, but only if the Catalan club were to secure Champions League qualification.

The potential for Girona participating in the Champions League next season has prompted discussions and actions to ensure compliance with competition rules and to establish a legal framework for both clubs to participate in the competition without conflicts of interest.

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