Chris Sutton predicts whether Sheffield United would stay up if they signed Erling Haaland from Man City today


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Published on 2024-02-01 14:30:00

Chris Sutton has made a prediction about whether Sheffield United could avoid relegation from the Premier League if they were to sign Erling Haaland in the current transfer window.

Currently, Sheffield United sits at the bottom of the Premier League table, with merely 19 goals scored in 22 games. To put this in perspective, Erling Haaland alone has scored only five goals less than Sheffield United after starting just 15 league games this season. This statistic highlights the significant goal-scoring prowess that Erling Haaland possesses.

Oli McBurnie, with a total of four goals, is the top scorer for Sheffield United in the league. It is evident that, as things stand, Sheffield United lacks sufficient goals to have a realistic chance of staying in the Premier League beyond this season.

Chris Sutton expressed his belief that even if Sheffield United were to acquire Erling Haaland from Manchester City in the current transfer window, his presence would not be enough to rescue them from getting relegated.

“If [Erling] Haaland moved to Sheffield United today, would they stay up? No. They wouldn’t”, he predicted on The Daily Mail’s It’s All Kicking Off podcast.

While the arrival of Erling Haaland may not guarantee Sheffield United’s survival in the Premier League, it remains a surprise for Chris Sutton to instantaneously dismiss this possibility.

Traditionally, teams at the bottom of the Premier League standings that have a reliable goal scorer are often likelier to avoid relegation. The absence of such a player is evident in Burnley and Everton, where they lack an effective forward to lead the team.

Given Haaland’s ability to play direct, long-ball football and his remarkable athleticism, he could potentially thrive in a team such as Sheffield United. He has an incredible eye for goal, and combined with his playing style, could significantly contribute to their success.

Despite the speculations, the chances of Haaland playing for a team struggling with relegation remain uncertain.

In summary, while the possibility of Erling Haaland joining Sheffield United may raise questions about their chances of survival this season, it is evident that their goal-scoring issues run deep and cannot be entirely resolved by the arrival of a single player, even one of Haaland’s caliber.

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