‘Wow’, ‘This is so true!’, ‘A true blue!’ – Many fans react as Sergio Gomez reveals he supported Man City growing up


Sergio Gomez has revealed that he supported Manchester City growing up, after signing a four-year deal with the Premier League champions.

The Spaniard was announced as the Blues’ fourth summer signing on Tuesday, arriving from Belgian side Anderlecht.

Gomez has signed a four-year contract at the Etihad Stadium and will remain part of Pep Guardiola’s first-team squad this season. The deal with Anderlecht is worth €13 million plus add-ons.

“I am incredibly proud and happy to have joined Manchester City,” said Gomez, who has represented Spain at Under-21 level.

“City are the best team in England and in Pep Guardiola I have a chance to learn and develop under the most outstanding manager in world football.

“To be able to be part of this club is a dream come true for me and something any young player would aspire to.

Gomez also went ahead to revealed that he grew up supporting City as a youngster thanks to his brother.

“I was a City fan when I was a kid,” Gomez added, proudly showing a picture of himself in a City shirt as proof.

“When we were kids, my brother used to support City. He’s the main reason I became a fan as well. Once he was on a school trip to London and I asked him to bring a David Silva shirt.

“At that time, he was wearing the No 21 shirt and he was my favourite player because I used to play in his position when I was a kid.

Manchester City fans have taken to social media to express their excitement on knowing Gomez is a true blue.

Credit: @jilemcfc

“This is so true!.”
Credit: @mo95172

“Everyone dreams of playing for city now, we’re the standard!”
Credit: @Kovie_Scofield

“We’ve reached that point where kids who grew up and saw the Aguero moment and became fans are now old enough to come play for us”
Credit: @vujee_01

“They even showed you the proof. A true blue!!!”
Credit: @WeareManC1ty

“Rivals tried to banter him when he said he was a City fan lmao”
Credit: @SZ_ctid

“Not even shocking majority of this post-2000 born gen will be fans of City and our football. We’re THE team of this generation and have been for a while now.”
Credit: @BlueWolf_09

“Our pull is massive. Can’t believe I’m fortunate enough to watch City during our golden Era. I’ll tell my kids one day about this.”
Credit: @mcfc_robin2

“People were acting like it was physically impossible for someone who was 10 years old when we had silva aguero, yaya playing for the club to support us, get used to it jesus.”
Credit: @sammy_fort

“All the thousands of people crying yesterday have taken such a massive Loss. This new generation is gonna be so blue, flood of tears incoming. We are inevitable ”
Credit: @BlueWolf_09

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