‘We don’t care’, ‘CFG head office is in London’ – Man City fans react as NAC Breda fans hang banner outside the Etihad to protest buyout


Manchester City fans have been reacting as NAC Breda supporters hang banner in protest outside the Etihad amid reports of takeover by City Football Group widely known as the CFG.

The football group currently owns significant stakes in football clubs in all of England, Spain, France, Japan, the USA, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, India, and China.

Breda are the latest club being sized up for a takeover by the CFG, which if successful would be the 11th team to fall under City’s control. They are currently ninth in the Dutch second tier and last won a major trophy in 1973.

The shareholders of Breda have decided to sell up, with the City Group competing with construction magnet Karel Vrolijk to take control. Following an investigation by Breda’s supervisory board, the NOAD Foundation and the KNVB, it was announced that the City Group had won the race.

But the news of the City Group’s impending takeover has been met with fierce resistance by Breda supporters. One fan group named Breda Loco’s have launched a major protest against the City Group, hanging banners up at three clubs they have a stake in.

The banner carries the Breda badge and says: “Stay out of our territory. NAC is not a City group story!” and was hung up outside City’s home the Etihad Stadium.

They also hung similar banners outside the stadiums of French side Troyes and Belgium team Lommel, two other CFG owned clubs.

Breda fans shared pictures of the banners on Facebook and explained the motives behind their actions. “City group is trying to take over the football world from Manchester City,” they said.

“Funded by a petrodollar Sheikh from a country with dubious views on human rights. Troyes and Lommel have already fallen, but they will never get us. Today we went to the stadiums of Manchester, Troyes and Lommel to make it clear that Breda will not be incorporated. We will continue to fight.”

Here is what Man City fans had to say as they took to Twitter.

“We are here to save their club, but they don’t want this to happen 🤔.”
Credit: ‏@raulmancunian

“What’s their problem with it. City might make you competitive in your league, instead of just fighting for promotion and then getting relegated.”
Credit: @JSHlad

“This is the club from my City, and I feel sad for the fans. But, CFG only have good intention with the club, they want to bring the club back to the Eredivisie, buying good players and stuff, NAC Breda fans are just upset with everything..”
Credit: @xlucassoh

“Honestly fair enough. Would lose some of your club identity. As a Man City and Melbourne City fan, I think NAC Breda fans are justified to be upset.”
Credit: @ChunghaFanboy

“CfG head office is in London 🙄.”
Credit: @antlini

“Seems like something they should take up with their current owners to be honest.”
Credit: ‏@Abuckley000

“We don’t care.”
Credit: @mbaalthani8

“Forgot Man City were buying them. CFG Offices are in London go protest there don’t drag our club into your problems.”
Credit: @FodenFanatic47

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