‘Can’t stop talking about us’, ‘Pep owns you’ – Man City fans reacts as Javier Tebas continued his war of words against the club


Javier Tebas has continued his war of words against Manchester City by telling them that Lionel Messi will not join them this summer from Barcelona – which has got many fans talking.

Messi became a free agent on July 1 and although the Argentine is keen to remain at Barcelona, the Catalan club cannot offer him a new deal due to their financial predicament.

Speaking to Spanish TV programme, Jugones of la Sexta (via Mundo Deportivo), Tebas claimed that he is unsure as to whether the six-time Ballon d’Or winner will be able to start the forthcoming season at Camp Nou due to the financial fair play restrictions.

Tebas said: “I do not know if Messi will start the League with Barcelona. If there are no exits, it is impossible.”

And when discussing the chances of City signing Messi, Tebas didn’t need much encouragement to criticise the club yet again.

“He won’t be able to sign on the previous conditions, that’s impossible,” Tebas said.

“But I don’t think any European club would be able to pay that amount.

“City have lost €270m [during the pandemic] so obviously they wouldn’t even consider signing Messi [on his previous salary]. PSG have had losses, too, so they can’t even consider signing Messi [for that much].”

“If they do, it will be the financial doping. I’ve told [Pep] Guardiola this too. I’ve directly said that to him, ‘would you have won as many titles without as much economic doping?’

“When the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) let off Manchester City there was a lot of comments about that. (Jose) Mourinho and all these other coaches said this. If this happens I think it would be absolutely incredible.

“This is the sort of governance where we should establish minutes. This economic doping is what is really damaging football.

“It is not real money that’s involved because it is not generated by the clubs. If the money in the football industry isn’t generated by football, it just causes inflation. And it’s a bad type of inflation.

“Then it just ruins football because the clubs have to put in all this effort which is well above their financial capacity.

“We need to really fight against this and we will continue to do this all the time. This is one of our pending issues in European football and if it’s not solved soon it could lead us to a very complicated financial situation.”

These Javier Tebas’ comment has prompt Plenty of Sky Blues react on social media.

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